Thursday, March 15, 2018

Red and White Meet

The Red and White meet was held today at AFHS, after being postponed by lightening yesterday. We appreciate everybody who helped run events at the meet.
Full results

Monday, February 19, 2018

Simplot Games Results

The Cavemen sent 29 athletes to The Simplot Games at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho last weekend. The Simplot Games is the largest indoor high school track meet in the Nation, with over 2200 athletes from 17 states and 3 foreign countries.
We had 5 athletes advance to Saturday's finals, and two reach the podium. Joe Corbridge was champion in the 800m Run with a time of 1:56.99. Jarom Smith placed 4th in the High Jump with a personal best 6'3".

Lexi Wright placed 9th in the Girls 1600m Run in 5:11.99, While Dalton Brems and Carson Clinger placed 18th (4:28.81) and 25th (4:32.55) in the Boys 1600m Run, respectively.

Other competitors for the Cavemen:
Girls 1600m Run:
45.Samantha Stokes, 5:36.38
50.Mackenzie Hess, 5:39.46
54.Hailey Hess, 5:40.81
56.Kailey Kerr, 5:41.16
63.Lily Nettesheim, 5:42.25
70.Rebecca Teeples, 5:44.80
78.Brooklyn Hopkins, 5:48.11
94.Jane Hansen, 5:58.25
96.Allie Green, 5:58.56
97.Brooke Hansen, 5:59.89
102.Dani Christlieb, 6:02.82
129.Brook Stratton, 6:17.30

Boys 1600m Run:
47.Luke Grundvig, 4:39.77
82.Kobe Serrano, 4:49.88
84.Ethan Kelley, 4:50.28
94.Dylan Rawlings, 4:51.87
96.Logan Evans, 4:52.32
100.Nathan Hess, 4:52.45
110.Andrew Baird, 4:54.36
111.Aidan Nielsen, 4:54.39
122.Ben McBride, 4:56.41
134.Kooper Dibb, 4:58.41

Girls 60m Hurdles:
19.Emma Aldred, 9.53

Boys 400m Dash:
36.Jaydon Ruchti, 53.37

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Utah Distance Challenge Results

Results from the Utah Distance Challenge last night at the Kearns Olympic Ice Oval:
Girls 1600m Run:
Lexi Wright, 5:15.22
Lily Nettesheim, 5:30.39
Mackenzie Hess, 5:36.96
Samantha Stokes, 5:38.62
Hazel Baird, 5:40.25
Kayley Kerr, 5:43.43
Hailey Hess, 5:44.85
Allie Green, 5:45.69
Rebecca Teeples, 5:48.78
Brooklyn Hopkins, 5:52.62
Brooke Hansen, 5:53.51
Cassidy Elmont, 5:55.49
Jane Hansen, 5:57.01
Brook Stratton, 6:01.15
Dani Christlieb, 6:01.70
Shayla Hendricks, 6:02.18
Sadie Hess, 6:02.62
Lacie Evans, 6:04.48
Alyssa Stratton, 6:14.85
Bekah Chase, 6:32.21
Scout Mcmillan, 6:39.56
Megan Barlow, 6:39.89
Adrianna Cluff, 6:52.99
Brynn Hull, 6:56.70

Boys 1600m Run:
Joe Corbridge, 4:31.53
Luke Grundvig, 4:35.24
Ethan Kelley, 4:44.20
Andrew Baird, 4:44.83
Ben McBride, 4:45.59
Nathan Hess, 4:46.37
Aidan Nielsen, 4:47.72
Dylan Rawlings, 4:48.74
Logan Evans, 4:48.91
Kooper Dibb, 4:50.84
Casey Chamberlain, 4:52.08
Alex Garces, 4:54.17
Brayden Blackhurst, 5:12.68

Boys 800m Run:
Dalton Brems, 1:59.07
Dylan Rawlings, 2:08.58

Monday, February 5, 2018

Utah Distance Challenge

This Friday is the Utah Distance Challenge at the Kearns Olympic Ice Oval. Admission is $5 per athlete. Athletes are responsible for their own rides to the Oval. We would like to carpool at AFHS right after school, if possible. Information Link

3:30 pm Track open for warm-up
4:30 pm Girls 1600m
5:45 pm Boys 1600m
7:00 pm Girls 400m
7:30 pm Boys 400m
8:00 pm Girls 800m
8:20 pm Boys 800m
8:40 pm Girls 3200m
9:00 pm Boys 3200m

Last weekend, Logan Evans competed at the Nike Indoor Meet in Boise, Idaho.
He placed 9th overall in the 2 Mile Run in 10:29.83, and 27th overall in the 1-Mile Run in 4:48.22
Full results

Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekend Results

The Cavemen participated in the UHSTCA Indoor Championships this past weekend at the Kearns Olympic Ice Oval.
Full results:

Girls 60 M Dash:
28.Maddie Edwards, 8.43
40.Emma Aldred, 8.57
111.Reagan Briggs, 9.19
130.Victoria Tilton, 9.38

Girls 200m Dash:
23.Maddie Edwards, 27.43
45.Emma Aldred, 28.22
94.Reagan Briggs, 29.93

Girls 1600m Run:
6.Lexi Wright, 5:15.59
43.Samantha Stokes, 5:35.51
46.Lily Nettesheim, 5:35.87
48.Madison Hess, 5:36.24
53.Hailey Hess, 5:38.14
65.Mackenzie Hess, 5:42.98
90.Cassidy Elmont, 5:48.45
94.Brooklyn Hopkins, 5:50.50
98.Brook Stratton, 5:51.22
101.Shayla Hendricks, 5:51.58
104.Kayley Kerr, 5:52.73
105.Allie Green, 5:52.76
111.Rebecca Teeples, 5:54.55
139.Brooke Hansen, 6:01.48
147.Sariah Jackson, 6:03.91
154.Lacie Evans, 6:06.44
163.Jane Hansen, 6:09.22
196.Adrianna Cluff, 6:26.74
200.Rebecca Chase, 6:28.98
201.Scout McMillan, 6:29.24
203.Chelda Lunt, 6:31.11
204.Megan Barlow, 6:31.24
246.Brynn Hull, 7:07.51

Girls 60m Hurdles:
2.Emma Aldred, 9.55
21.Maddie Edwards, 10.84
58.Reagan Briggs, 12.89

Girls Long Jump:
33.Victoria Tilton, 12-11.50

Boys 60m Dash:
51.Derek Brailsford, 7.69

Boys 400m Dash:
52.Jaydon Ruchti, 54.89

Boys 800m Run:
3.Joe Corbridge, 1:57.04
11.Dalton Brems, 2:01.42
34.Aidan Nielsen, 2:08.23
40.Dylan Rawlings, 2:08.91
60.Kooper Dibb, 2:12.46

Boys 1600m Run:
15.Dalton Brems, 4:29.45
19.Joe Corbridge, 4:32.02
24.Carson Clinger, 4:34.07
33.Kobe Serrano, 4:37.38
71.Ethan Kelley, 4:46.74
83.Luke Grundvig, 4:49.48
87.Ben McBride, 4:50.34
88.Aidan Nielsen, 4:51.10
91.Andrew Baird, 4:51.76
99.Dylan Rawlings, 4:52.36
121.Alex Garces, 4:55.44
140.Casey Chamberlain, 4:57.39
163.Kooper Dibb, 5:01.77
270.Mason McQuivey, 5:25.74

Boys 3200m Run:
46.Ethan Kelley, 10:33.68

Boys 60m Hurdles:
31.Jarom Smith, 10.23

Boys 4X200m Relay:
5.  1:36.00

Boys High Jump:
1.Jarom Smith, 6-02

Boys Long Jump:
17.Jarom Smith, 18-11.0

Saturday, January 20, 2018

UHSTCA Indoor Championships

We will be competing next Friday and Saturday at the UHSTCA Indoor Championsips held at the Kearns Olympic Ice Oval.
Information on Runnercard

Weber State Results

The Cavemen participated at Weber State University this weekend.
Full Results

Boys 55m Dash:
27.Derek Brailsford, 7.16

Girls 55m Dash:
17.Maddie Edwards, 7.95
22.Emma Aldred, 8.00
76.Reagan Briggs, 8.79
83.Victoria Tilton, 9.07

Girls 200m Dash:
18.Maddie Edwards, 28.46
30.Emma Aldred, 29.18
71.Reagan Briggs, 32.09

Boys 3200m Run:
5.Dalton Brems, 10:06.40
19.Kobe Serrano, 10:31.40
22.Logan Evans, 10:38.10
31.Aidan Nielsen, 10:44.03
32.Nathan Hess, 10:44.35
34.Dylan Rawlings, 10:45.57
42.Kooper Dibb, 11:01.73
75.Jordan Schanze, 13:14.14

Boys Long Jump:
8.Jarom Smith, 19-8.5

Girls Long Jump:
36.Victoria Tilton, 12-5

Boys High Jump:
4.Jarom Smith, 5-10

Girls High Jump:
4.Lauren Rawlings, 5-00

Girls 55m Hurdles:
3.Emma Aldred, 9.12

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Weber State Developmental Meet

Weber State University will be holding their Developmental meet on Friday and Saturday, January 19,20.
Meet schedule and information can be found on runnercard.
Some important things:

1. The coaches need to register the athletes, so an athlete needs to sign up with their coach and pay by check made to "Caveman Track Club", not AFHS. The cost is $4 per event. The registration deadline is Thursday, January 18th at practice.

2.Athletes are responsible for their transportation to and from the meet. However, we would like to carpool up on Saturday, so we need parents willing to drive. We will meet at AFHS at 7:00 AM to carpool up.

3.There is a spectator fee of $5 to watch the meet (14 and older). Spikes are allowed (1/4" pyramid) for the Friday jumping events.

4.Food, Drink, and Spikes are not allowed in the arena.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

BYU Invite Results

Several Cavemen went down today to participate in the BYU Indoor Invitational.
Complete Results
Girls 1 Mile:
51.Brook Stratton, 6:11.40
55.Dani Christlieb, 6:13.99

Boys 1 Mile:
55.Kooper Dibb, 5:01.84
72.Logan Evans, 5:06.59

Girls 60m Dash:
15.Maddie Edwards, 8.37
31.Emma Aldred, 8.66
60.Reagan Briggs, 9.28

Boys 60m Dash:
56.Jaydon Ruchti, 7.75
84.Zachary Lawrence, 8.07
104.Riley Walker, 8.73

Boys 2 Mile Run:
15.Logan Evans, 11:14.07

Girls 60m Hurdles:
2.Emma Aldred, 9.79

Boys 800m Run:
21.Kooper Dibb, 2:11.81

Girls 200m Dash:
15.Maddie Edwards,28.11
28.Emma Aldred, 29.21
56.Reagan Briggs, 31.89

Boys 200m Dash:
65.Zachary Lawrence, 26.46
80.Riley Walker, 27.51

Girls Long Jump:
9.Victoria Tilton, 12-00.5

Boys Shot Put:
37.Andrew Harmon, 25-11.75

Boys High Jump:
12.Jarom Smith, 5-4.25